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I like to blog about subjects which I am interested in. These include:

Playwriting - learning more about the craft and developing as a writer.

Dramaturgy for writers - looking at how writers can use dramaturgical techniques and approaches to develop their own practice.

Documentary Directing - learning about the many skills needed for directing documentaries, including technical skills (sound, camera & editing).

Learning and Teaching - this is the underpinning of it all. Getting better at learning and understanding how learning happens means that you can develop whichever skills you want in a quicker and more effective way.

The Teaching Artist - the intersection of beng an artist and teaching others and how it helps you develop as well as passing it forward.

Coaching - I am an accredited coach and am really interested in how coaching can be used in the creative process as well as in other aspects performance.

Skills for freelancers - this is a broad area, but in general, it is the many and varied business skills needed in order to create a working life as an artist. From marketing yourself to running a creative company.

About me - my name is Iain F Macleod. I am a writer and documentary director. I also work in education and run a Digital Media Agency.

Thank you for visiting.

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